Details Regarding Mass Transit in Athens

Athens, the funding of Greece, is a city of great historical significance. The vacationer that wishes to check out Athens in its complete length will definitely have to use mass transit. So below is some information that the vacationer may discover beneficial. The Athens Transportation System consists of a huge bus fleet, a trolleybus fleet that mostly offers the downtown area. packermoverz The city’s Metro, a cable car line connecting the southern suburbs to the city center, as well as the Athens Suburban Train solution.

Athens City

While its main function is transport, the stations house Greek artefacts found during building and construction of the system. Both lines (red and blue) were constructed largely during the 1990s and the first areas opened in January 2000. The lines run totally underground. couriercompaniez The metro network runs a fleet of 42 trains including 252 automobiles with an everyday occupancy of 550,000 travelers. Heaven Line ranges from the western residential areas through the main Monastir Aki as well as Syntagma terminals to the northeastern residential areas and covers a distance of 16 kilometers (10 mi), It then ascends to ground level and also reaches Eleutherius Venizelos International Airport terminal making use of the SUV Railway facilities as well as expanding its range to 39 kilometers (24 mi).

Electric train.

This network runs the original city line from Piraeus to Kifissia and offers 22 terminals, with a network length of 25.6 km (15.9 mi), a fleet of 44 trains and also 243 autos as well as an everyday occupancy rate of 600,000 passengers. The historical Environment-friendly Line is set to be reached Agios Stefanos, a suburban area located 23 km (14 mi) to the north of the city concentrating to 36 kilkilometers2 mi) in length. 

Rural rail

The Prestik’s links Eleutherius Venizelos International Airport to the city of Corinth, 80 kilometers (50 mi) west of Athens, by means of the central Larissa train terminal and also the port of Piraeus. productshipperz The Suburban Rail network presently includes a size of 120 kilometers (75 mi), as well as is anticipated to extend to 281 km (175 mi) by 2010. The Postoak’s will certainly be extended to Myocastor west of Athens and Chalked.


The network consists of 300 bus lines as well as a fleet of 1,839 buses which span the entire Attica Basin. shipperfinderz Of those 1,839 buses, 416 operate on natural gas composing the biggest fleet of gas run buses in Europe. Besides being served by a fleet of gas and also typical buses, the Athens metropolitan area is also served by electrical buses, or ILPAP, as the solution is known.

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